WP 2020-21 A Case Study of an Experiment During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Online Elicitation of Subjective Beliefs and Economic Preferences

Posted On December 14, 2020
Categories Working Papers, WP 2020
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AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison, Andre Hofmeyr, Harold Kincaid, Brian Monroe, Don Ross, Mark Schneider and J. Todd Swarthout

ABSTRACT: We convey our experiences developing and implementing an online experiment to elicit subjective beliefs and economic preferences. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated closures of our laboratories required us to conduct an online experiment in order to collect beliefs and preferences associated with the pandemic in a timely manner. Since we had not previously conducted a similar multi-wave online experiment, we faced design and implementation considerations that are not present when running a typical laboratory experiment. By discussing these details more fully, we hope to contribute to the online experiment methodology literature at a time when many other researchers may be considering conducting an online experiment for the first time. We focus primarily on methodology: in a complementary study we focus on initial research findings.