WP 2010-19 Preferences Over Social Risk

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Published in 2013 in Oxford Economic Papers, Volume 65, Issue 1.

AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison, Morten I. Lau, E. Elisabet Rutström, and Marcela Tarazona-Gómez

ABSTRACT. We elicit individual preferences over social risk. We identify the extent to which these preferences are correlated with individual preferences over individual risk and individual preferences over… more »

WP 2010-09 Latent Process Heterogeneity in Discounting Behavior

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Published in 2012 in Oxford Economic Papers, Volume 64, Issue 2.

AUTHORS: Maribeth Coller, Glenn W. Harrison, and E. Elisabet Rutström

ABSTRACT. We show that observed choices in discounting experiments are consistent with roughly one-half of the subjects using exponential discounting and one-half using quasi-hyperbolic discounting. We characterize the latent data generating… more »