WP 2017-02 Disordered Gambling Prevalence: Methodological Innovations in a General Danish Population Survey

*Note that this paper was previously listed as WP 2016-02 Gambling Problems in the General Danish Population: Survey Evidence, and then was inadvertently reposted as 2017-02. Both links should direct you to this page, and should there be any newer versions, we will update this page.

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Published in 2018 in Journal… more »

WP 2016-09 The Risk of Gambling Problems in the General Population: A Reconsideration

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Published in 2019 in Journal of Gambling Studies.

AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison, Morten I. Lau, Don Ross

ABSTRACT: We examine the manner in which the population prevalence of disordered gambling has usually been estimated, on the basis of surveys that suffer from a potential sample selection bias. General population surveys screen… more »

WP 2014-08 First evidence of comorbidty of problem gambling and other psychiatric problems in a representative urban sample of South Africa

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Published in 2015 in Journal of Gambling Studies, Volume 31.

AUTHORS: Carla Sharp, Andrew Dellis, Andre Hofmeyr, Harold Kincaid, and Don Ross

ABSTRACT: Aims: We investigate the extent to which problem gambling in a recent South African sample, as measured by the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI), is comorbid with… more »