WP 2018-06 Eye-Tracking and Economic Theories of Choice Under Risk

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Forthcoming – Journal of the Economic Science Association

ABSTRACT: We examine the ability of eye movement data to help understand the determinants of decision making over risky prospects. We start with structural models of choice under risk, and use that structure to inform what we identify from the use of… more »

WP 2016-09 The Risk of Gambling Problems in the General Population: A Reconsideration

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Forthcoming – Journal of Gambling Studies

ABSTRACT: We examine the manner in which the population prevalence of disordered gambling has usually been estimated, on the basis of surveys that suffer from a potential sample selection bias. General population surveys screen respondents using seemingly innocuous “trigger,” “gateway” or “diagnostic stem” questions, applied… more »

WP 2014-04 Risk Attitudes, Sample Selection and Attrition in a Longitudinal Field Experiment

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Forthcoming – Review of Economics & Statistics

ABSTRACT: We evaluate the temporal stability of risk preferences using a remarkable data set that combines socio-demographic information from the Danish Civil Registry with information on risk attitudes from a longitudinal field experiment. Our econometric model accounts for endogenous sample selection and attrition processes… more »