Room Reservations

CEAR has a Seminar Room, a Collaboration Room, and the Ken Black Executive Board Room which can be booked for use. There are some restrictions on who may book these rooms, and for what purpose; that documentation can be viewed under the FAQs below. All requests for CEAR Room reservations should be made through the Room Request tab below or through [email protected].

Students cannot request to book the rooms. All student organization requests must go through their faculty or staff sponsor who should be actively participating in the event.

A GSU faculty or staff representative is the exclusive contact and must actively participate in the event and assumes responsibility for all reservation arrangements. All requests for use of a facility under the direction of CEAR are made and confirmed by CEAR.

See the Reservation Policy | Terms and Conditions tab below for full details.

CEAR Seminar Room

CEAR Seminar Room

CEAR Seminar Room

The CEAR Seminar Room can accommodate around 45 individuals, with 24 seated in a permanent classroom style configuration and the additional overflow as seated around the perimeter of the room in comfortable chairs. The room features everything a typical seminar room should: large presentation screen, white board, and lectern; however, we go a few steps further to ensure that what happens at CEAR central can be shared with our affiliates and those interested in the study of risk. To that end, the Seminar Room has a fully integrated audio/video capture system which is connected to a high-definition pan/tilt/zoom camera and full room drop-microphones. The sophisticated system interfaces with an easy-to-use touch panel that enables both live video streaming and recording to an MPEG 4 file.

CEAR Collaboration Room

CEAR Collaboration Room

CEAR Collaboration Room

The CEAR Collaboration room contains around 250 square feet of meeting space. It is permanently configured with seating for 6 although it can accommodate up to 10 comfortably. The room is equipped with 2 SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards which can act in a standalone capacity to facilitate on-site collaboration amongst researchers or can be combined with our license of SMART Bridgit Software to include up to 30 remote users from anywhere in the world with an internet and voice connection.

The software required for remote users comes as part of our license agreement. Thus, CEAR Fellows remote to Georgia State University can download a small application and be up and running instantly. Once the users are actively linked in a conference by the software they are able to share their desktop screens with one another, write notes in digital ink, annotate over documents and applications, and finally save everything to a single file. These technologies make data conferencing and communicating ideas over a distance effective and simple. Jet lag not included.

The collaboration room also includes an audio conferencing system. Hands-free microphones and in-ceiling speakers allows users to comfortably interact with remote users anywhere in the world. With a conference calling account researchers and students can easily interact with someone across town or across the world.

Ken Black Board Room

Ken Black Conference Room

Ken Black Conference Room

The Ken Black Room is a conventional, preconfigured meeting space designed for 6 indvidulas around an executive style conference table.

The name of the space and the back wall pay tribute to Dr. Black who had provided service to Georgia State University for over 50 years.


The Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (“CEAR”) has meeting space (“facility(ies)”) available for conducting meetings, training sessions and workshops for CEAR, the Robinson College of Business ("RCB") and the Georgia State University (“GSU”) community. A faculty or staff representative is the exclusive contact and must actively participate in the event and assumes responsibility for all reservation arrangements. All requests for use of a facility under the direction of CEAR are made and confirmed by CEAR.

Scheduling Priority

Scheduling for these rooms has a clear priority. CEAR-related activities come first, and this includes seminars from CEAR-affiliated departments (Accounting, Economics and Risk Management and Insurance). However, all RCB faculty and staff may reserve the two rooms, with second priority, much as they could reserve the old RMI 1100 conference room. External GSU departments may utilize the facilities but receive third priority. Last priority is given to non-affiliated groups. To facilitate the optimal use of these facilities, all reservations are posted and can be viewed on the CEAR web site. Reservation requests should also be made on the CEAR website.

CEAR Affiliates and RCB faculty and staff will have exclusive rights to make new reservations during the first week of classes for the Fall and Spring semesters. After the first week of classes, all other reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

On-going or Long Term Reservations

Ongoing meetings or weekly meetings will only be accepted from RCB faculty and staff. Conference rooms can not be used for regularly scheduled class sessions. On some occasions, academic classes are allowed to use CEAR's rooms upon prior permission granted from CEAR.


All persons requesting space must fill out the room request form on this webpage or submit an email request to [email protected]. Room reservation requests are not official until a representative from CEAR replies to the request confirming reservation or explaining the reason for denial of the request. Your reservation is not confirmed until you have received an email approving your request and thus should not be announced as being held in any CEAR room until CEAR has provided email confirmation. No requests will be accepted directly from students; you should ask your faculty or staff sponsor to submit the room request on your student organization's behalf.


If it is necessary to cancel a reservation, notify [email protected] at least three business days prior to the reservation. Failure to honor a reservation without canceling three business days in advance may restrict future use of the facilities.

Administrative Cancellations/Changes

It is the responsibility of CEAR to ensure that rooms are used in the best interest of CEAR, RCB and/or GSU. In rare instances, confirmed reservations may be changed or cancelled if they are found to conflict with a high-priority function. These instances occur infrequently and CEAR staff will make every effort to work with the faculty or staff representative to provide alternative accommodations.

Extended Building Hours

Early or late access requests can be made. These requests are designed to accommodate confirmed events where start and/or end times exceed normal business hours (8:30 AM – 5:15 PM, Monday through Friday). Early access is determined by the actual time the faculty or staff representative would like access to the reserved space. Late access is determined by the actual time the faculty or staff representative (and participants) is expected to vacate the premises. All arrangements must be made at time of original request.

For reservations that extend beyond normal business hours (8:30 AM – 5:15 PM, Monday through Friday), we require that a member from the GSU faculty or staff be present at all times during the event. The designated faculty member or staff person will be fully responsible for making sure that all attendees have exited the building once the event has ended and responsible for securely locking the CEAR rooms upon departure. All trash generated from the event must be emptied in the trash bends located on the basement level to the left of the elevators. The room must be arranged back to its original condition before departing.

Audio-Visual Use

A/V training from CEAR staff is required prior to the date of the meeting for utilizing any of the conference rooms’ audio-visual equipment. CEAR's systems are not typical of GSU or RCB, thus if you haven't used the system before you need to schedule training. External users must provide their own laptop and are responsible for their meeting set-up needs.


If your event requires the use of directional or informational signs, prior arrangements must be made to secure sign holders. Affixing signs to walls, columns, doors, windows, rails, ceilings, floors or furniture is prohibited.


    • No tape, staples, tacks, nails, pins or hooks may be used to secure materials to walls, windows, ceilings, columns, doors, doorframes, staging, curtains or draperies, or other surfaces.
    • Decorations and displays that require flame, sand or water-filled items are prohibited.
    • All decorations and materials must be removed by the sponsoring facilitator immediately following the meeting; failure to do so will result in the items being discarded.
    • Departments or Units will be billed for any damage to surfaces and/or any excessive cleaning requirements.
    • All sponsoring facilitators are required to return the room to its original condition before departing. All trash should be placed inside the trash receptacles. The conference room should be free and clear of all trash and debris and all decorative materials removed.

Alcoholic beverages

The use, possession, consumption, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages on any property owned or leased by the GSU is strictly prohibited. Only the President or his designee, or the GSU Office of Legal Affairs may make exceptions.

Requests for alcoholic beverage service must be approved through the alcohol review process. To submit a request form to serve alcohol and to review GSU’s alcohol policies, please visit GSU Office of Legal Affairs webpage at GSU Alcohol Policies The Request to Serve Alcohol form must be approved by the Georgia State Legal Department no less than two weeks prior to the event.


The use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all GSU facilities. This includes all offices, leased spaces, and doorways, meeting rooms, restrooms, dining areas and loading areas.


Use or possession of any illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.


Gambling, in any form, is not permitted.


Animals, other than those trained to assist the disabled, are not permitted in RCB without prior approval from the RCB Dean’s Office. Exceptions may be requested in writing to the RCB Dean’s Office 10 business days prior to the event.

Personal Sound Devices

No portable radios, portable personal audio devices, MP3 players, cassette decks, compact disc players, instruments or other sound devices can be operated without personal earphones in the common areas of the RCB without prior approval.

Hallways and Stairwells

In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items. An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not a permanent RCB authorized item, such as a trash receptacle. Easels, display boards or other items are not to be placed in hallways and stairwells without approval from the RCB Dean’s Office.

Lounges and Other Common Areas

Lounges and other common areas are intended for use by the RCB’s faculty and staff. External individuals and groups without authorized approval to use these facilities are prohibited from doing so and will be asked to leave.

Trash Receptacles

Only RCB trash receptacles should be located in common areas. Other receptacles are to be located in their respective offices, rooms and suites. All trash should be placed inside these trash receptacles. Should an event generate excessive trash that is unable to be placed in the provided trash receptacles, excess trash must be taken to the large barrels in the basement to the left of elevator #1.

Damage and Loss

All individuals using RCB’s facilities are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the meeting space and equipment. Accidental damage, repair and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring facilitator, department or group.

Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction of RCB facilities and/or equipment are prohibited.

Property of the RCB (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be moved or removed from the facility without the approval of the RCB Dean’s Office.

CEAR and/or RCB reserves the right to make judgments concerning any facility usage that are in the best interest of CEAR, RCB and GSU. CEAR and/or RCB maintains the right to cancel without advance notice any event not in compliance with these regulations. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the facility and services to ensure that the event and patrons are in compliance with all applicable regulations.

    • All events and patrons are subject to state laws, rules and regulations of RCB and GSU policies.
    • For your safety, security, and convenience the Building Managers and Public Safety personnel conduct periodic rounds throughout RCB facilities. They must be able to enter all spaces at any given time. Therefore, doors to conference rooms must remain unlocked and free of obstruction while the event or meeting is in progress.
    • RCB Dean’s Office, Public Safety personnel and/or the Building Manager should be notified in the event of an emergency and/or made aware of emergency situations that arise.
    • All persons using RCB facilities are to act responsibly. Individuals who display disruptive, dangerous or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave. All persons reserving or facilitating the meeting should become familiar with the fire codes and the safety policies of the building.


Questions concerning applicable policies may be directed to the appropriate Office.

CEAR Staff Office (404) 413-7461

RCB Dean’s Office (404) 413-7000

GSU Police (404) 413-2100

Building Manager (404) 413-7003

Building Maintenance (404) 413-0700 (for after hours assistance, leave a voicemail and the call will be dispatched to the on-call personnel on duty)

Steps to Book a CEAR Room

Step 1

Use the real time calendar below to check if your date and time is free prior to submitting the request.

Step 2

Fill out the form and submit. Please note that the rooms share a common space. Because of this, we generally only allow 1 room to be booked per time slot.

Reserve CEAR Room

  • Use this form below to request a single event. If you are trying to book multiple events - send an email directly to [email protected]
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    e.g. presentation system, computers, etc
    All groups are responsible for returning the room to its normal working order upon exiting. If your meeting will have food, your group is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the room and removal of all food and drink items upon exiting.