Other Sponsored Research

CEAR's Other Sponsored Research includes those projects undertaken by CEAR Fellows, CEAR Scholars, and other members of the CEAR Community that receive financial and/or logistic support from CEAR.

The following are selected sponsored research from the CEAR community, with a link to further information if available.

GSU CRO Risk Index

CEAR with faulty from the Department of Risk Management and Insurance

Research on Inflation Expectations

CEAR and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The Preferences and Beliefs of Criminals

CEAR and Copenhagen Business School

Behavioral Identification and Preferences of Pathological Gamblers

CEAR and Copenhagen Business School

Technology for Identifying Willingness to Access Healthcare in Pakistan

Musharraf Cyan and Elisabet Rutström

Individual Decisions Making and Eye Tracking

CEAR, DBEL, and Todd Swarthout

The Effect of Information System Precision on Honesty in Managerial Reporting: A Re-examination Incorporating Distributional Fairness Concerns and Operating Uncertainty

Doug Stevens and Heba Abdel-Rahim at GSU

Behavioral dimensions of offenders vs. non-offenders

Jim Cox and Melissa Trussell


Susan Laury


Alex Schuhr