Graduate Student Travel Support

CEAR is willing to provide travel support on an ad-hoc basis for graduate students to attend academic conferences to present a paper. This support is only for graduate students in each of the constituent departments of CEAR (Accounting, Economics, Finance, and RMI). It is recognized that such presentations will often fall outside of the normal departmental support for conferences that is given to faculty, and can be an excellent way for advanced graduate students to network. The support would be for economy air fare, hotel, reasonable conference fees, and immediate travel to and from the hotel; per diem allowances will not be provided. The paper to be presented must have some “risk component” in order for CEAR to provide support. Under special circumstances, and only for the most prestigious conferences, support may be provided if the student is a co-author and not actually presenting. Support can be requested at the time of submission, but support is conditional on acceptance, and conference attendance is expected if the paper is accepted.

Guidelines for applying for CEAR Travel Support are simple; tell us why you need the funding and how you plan on using it. Past applications have been 3-5 pages in length, and usually comprise the following:

  • Name of conference and place of travel
  • Indicate if you are waiting on acceptance or have already been selected to present at the named conference
  • An abstract or executive summary of the work you will be presenting; a link to your paper can also be given in addition to the executive summary.
  • A budget outlining what assistance you are requesting
  • Have your adviser send in a memo of support separately on your behalf stating that they support your travel to the conference/activity and that it would be beneficial for you, the student, to attend. You may also forward your application to your adviser and ask that they submit your application on your behalf and write a brief message of support in that email.

After putting together an application for CEAR Travel Support, you should submit your request in PDF or .docx format to [email protected]. Any pre-submission questions may be addressed to that email address as well.