Experimental Facilities

Many of the researchers associated with CEAR require access to facilities to conduct laboratory or field experiments in order to study behavior towards risk. To support the “fixed cost” of maintaining these facilities, CEAR makes an annual financial contribution that will provides our researchers certain rights of access to ExCEN, the EXperimental CENter, at Georgia State University.

The ExCEN lab is housed on the 6th floor of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, and directed by Professor James C. Cox. Information on ExCEN can be obtained from its website. Their lab contains 40 networked personal computer work stations in a large space, as well as recruiting software and a large database of GSU students ready and willing to participate in experiments. ExCEN also has a portable lab consisting of 32 ultra-portable notebooks, a notebook server, and wireless LAN. With travel cases specially designed to transport this equipment, research experiments and teaching workshops can then be conducted anywhere in the world. ExCEN also has staff members to maintain the software and hardware, to ensure that they are functional and available for use. The lab facilities are documented here. CEAR's contribution entitles CEAR-affiliated researchers and the larger CEAR Community to access the lab. Access is granted only for conducting experiments that do not involve deception. Each researcher must provide their own subject fees and software, although access to pre-existing software is provided (e.g., recruiting software, EconPort software, Ztree, vEconLab web access).

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