Prosecution: A Workshop for Practitioners and Researchers

Posted On November 10, 2021

January 26, 2022 – January 27, 2022

Santa Barbara, California

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General Information

The Computational Justice Lab in conjunction with the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk, Center for Justice Research, Center for Growth and Opportunity, and the Institute for Justice Research and Development are pleased to host a two-day workshop for prosecutors and researchers on January 26-27, 2022 in Santa Barbara, CA. Prosecution has received considerable attention in recent years, resulting in new and innovative ways that prosecutor’s offices have addressed growing public concerns, especially as they relate to the risks associated with prosecutor conduct on community safety. However, careful evaluation of prosecutor efforts is slowly occurring, and our comprehension of such efforts remains limited.

This workshop aims to bring together practitioners and researchers to discuss the successes and struggles in various prosecutors’ offices, research related to prosecution, and opportunities to enhance collaborative opportunities between the research community and prosecutor’s offices. The two days will be evenly split between practitioners and researchers so that both groups can learn the opportunities and needs of the other. The workshop will also host a graduate student poster presentation, so please encourage graduate students working in this space to apply to this invite-only event. If you would like to attend or have questions, please email