Posted On November 22, 2017

April 2, 2012 – April 3, 2012


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Gambling behavior reflects a wide range of attitudes towards risk, and perceptions of risk. It fundamentally challenges the methodologies of several traditional academic disciplines, particularly in the form of what is variously called compulsive or addictive gambling. The objective of this workshop is to get together a group of academics with clear interests in the topic of gambling from a range of disciplines, ideally to help develop a multi‐institution, multi‐year research agenda. There are large, unexploited gains from having serious academic researchers get together more or less annually around this specific topic, and develop a tight network of researchers over a number of years. We do not intend this network to be exclusionary, and expect it to evolve over the years naturally. Although there will be a strong contingent of economists participating, we are committed to having many disciplines participate.