CEAR/MRIC Behavioral Insurance Workshop 2019

Posted On August 28, 2019

December 9, 2019 – December 10, 2019


Joiner Seminar Room, 55 Park Place
Georgia State University

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General Information

This workshop brings together researchers interested in the manner in which risk management and insurance can be understood with behavioral methods. Alternative theoretical models are welcome, although analyses that are disconnected from theory are not. We expect researchers from a variety of disciplines will find this workshop of interest, including economics, finance, risk management, insurance, accounting, and psychology. This workshop is held joint with the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) and the Munich Risk and Insurance Center (MRIC), alternating from year to year between sunny Atlanta and sunny Munich. This is the 10th workshop in this series.

For each paper, we allocate 60 minutes to provide speakers with the opportunity for an in-depth presentation of their work. All sessions will be plenary in style. Speakers should plan for a 40 to 45 minute presentation, with the remaining time to allow for questions from the audience and a general discussion.


The keynote speaker will be Liran Einav from Stanford University. Liran Einav is a professor of economics at Stanford University and a research associate in the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is directing the Industrial Organization Program. Einav’s areas of specialization are industrial organization and applied microeconomics. An important strand of his work is focused on insurance markets, including the development of empirical models of insurance demand and pricing, and empirical analyses of the implications of adverse selection and moral hazard. Much of Einav's current work is focused on healthcare markets. In the past he also studied consumer behavior and the pricing of subprime auto loans, competition in the motion picture industry, strategic commitment, and peer-to-peer internet markets. Einav is currently a co-editor at the American Economic Review, after serving as a co-editor at Econometrica and AEJ Applied. He received his undergraduate degree in computer science and economics from Tel Aviv University (Israel) in 1997, and his PhD in economics from Harvard University in 2002.


CEAR will reimburse travel expenses for one presenter per paper - more information on restrictions will be communicated via email. CEAR will also make hotel bookings on behalf of the presenters and will pay for up to three (3) nights per presenter.


Glenn Harrison is the primary organizer of this workshop. He is the C.V. Starr Chair of Risk Management and Insurance at GSU, and Director of CEAR.


There is no fee for attending the conference; however, registration is required. It takes 2 minutes and should be done here -
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