6th Workshop in Behavioral and Experimental Health Economics

Posted On June 7, 2018

December 13, 2018 – December 14, 2018

University of Oslo


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University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway


The 6th Workshop in Behavioral and Experimental Health Economics is hosted by the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, University of Oslo. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers who apply behavioral economics and experimental methods to topics in health economics, policy, and management, in order to present and discuss their papers and ideas. We welcome contributions on all health topics using all experimental methods, including eld, lab, and online experiments. The workshop will include a Special CEAR Session on the topic of risk preferences in health, organized by Professor Glenn Harrison (Georgia State University). For each paper, we allocate 60 minutes to provide speakers with the opportunity for an in-depth presentation of their research.

Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to announce that the keynote address will be given by Professor Anna Dreber Almenberg (www.hhs.se/en/person/?personId=12741033). Anna currently holds the Johan Björkman Chair in Economics at Stockholm School of Economics, and is also affiliated with the University of Innsbruck. Her research is published in top scientific journals such as Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and American Economic Review.


At the deadline for submissions, 55 submissions were received. The scientific committee has reviewed all submissions and selected 14 to be presented at the workshop.


Registration for this event is now closed.

Participants who are giving oral presentations at the workshop do not need to register at the workshop. Presenters will be contacted by the organizers regarding the details of accommodation etc. For participants giving an oral presentation, the participation fee is waived. CEAR and University of Oslo support the workshop with funding that will cover food and accommodation. Participants giving oral presentation will only need to pay for their own travel costs.

Scientic Committee

Matteo M. Galizzi (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Geir Godager (University of Oslo)
Glenn Harrison (Georgia State University)
Heike Hennig-Schmidt (University of Bonn)
Daniel Wiesen (University of Cologne)

Local organizers:

Geir Godager (University of Oslo) and Oddvar Kaarboe (University of Oslo).


Geir Godager
Department of Health Management and Health Economics
University of Oslo
Email: geir.godager@medisin.uio.no
Telephone: (+47) 22 84 50 29

News and updates about the workshop:



Day 1

Session 1: Asymmetric Information in Health

Chair: Matteo M. Galizzi

Title: Monitoring institutions in health care markets: Experimental evidence
Presenter: Silvia Angerer (UMIT Private University)

Title: Altruistic preferences in medicine: An experimental panel study
Presenter: Mona Groß (University of Cologne)

Title: Behavioral consequences of ineffective vaccines: Theoretical and experimental evidence using an interactive vaccination decision making framework.
Presenter: Robert Böhm (Aachen University)

Session 2: CEAR Session

Chair: Glenn W. Harrison

Title: Smoking behavior and individual preferences: Atemporal risk attitudes, discounting, and intertemporal risk attitudes
Presenter: Andre Hofmeyr (University of Cape Town)

Title: Subjective Beliefs about the Health Risks of Smoking
Presenter: Brian Monroe (University of Cape Town)

Session 3: Insurance

Chair: Oddvar Kaarbøe

Title: Diagnostic Uncertainty and Insurance in Credence-Goods-Markets
Presenter: Helena Fornwagner (University of Innsbruck)

Title: Voluntary Pooling of Genetic Risk: A Health Insurance Experiment
Presenter: Christian Waibel (ETH Zurich)

Keynote: by Anna Dreber Almenberg

Day 2

Session 4: Field Experiments

Chair: Daniel Wiesen

Title: Image Concerns in Pledges to Give Blood: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Presenter: Egon Tripodi (University of Bonn)

Title: The Power to Protect: Household Bargaining and Female Condom Use
Presenter: Karlijn Morsink (University of Oxford)

Title: Motivating Bureaucrats through Social Recognition - Evidence from Simultaneous Field Experiments
Presenter: Julian C. Jamison (University of Exeter and World Bank)

Session 5: Incentives and Behavior

Chair: Heike Hennig-Schmidt

Title: The effect of expert feedback on antibiotics provision in pediatrics: Evidence from a behavioral experiment
Presenter: Kerstin Eilermann (University of Cologne)

Title: Reconciling health and wealth background risks: an analysis of risky behavior when higher-order preferences are considered
Presenter: Irene Mussio (McMaster University)

Title: Incentives to Sleep: An Experimental Analysis of Sleep Choices
Presenter: Peiran Jiao (Nuffield College)

Title: Nudging habit formation for long-term behavior change
Presenter: Chad Stecher (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)