CEAR Seminar Support

Posted On May 8, 2013
For each constituent department of CEAR (Accounting, Economics, Finance, and RMI), CEAR will provide up to $2,500 towards the expenses of bringing seminar speakers to Georgia State University. It is required that the speakers be undertaking research in risk, broadly interpreted, and that the seminar paper be on this topic. We also require that the seminar title and paper for any CEAR-supported seminar be available at least two weeks before the seminar. This is to allow details of the seminar to be posted on the CEAR website and to inform other CEAR-affiliated faculty and students, whereby allowing them to determine if they would like to attend.

CEAR Seminar Series

Since CEAR provides funding for outside speakers to attend CEAR Workshops hosted at GSU, Departments are encouraged to “free ride” off those speakers in terms of airfares, and invite them to stay a bit longer to give a seminar. CEAR workshops and confirmed attendees are usually posted 3 to 6 months in advance, which you can access using the button below. Have a look around at CEARs invited speakers for our workshop series and let us know if your department is interested in inviting anyone to stay around to give a seminar.

CEAR Workshop Series

All expenses are subject to the Board of Regents posted requirements for using state held funds. In special circumstances, and for certified Prima Donna or Primo Uomo speakers, CEAR is able to provide a modest honorarium to entice major speakers. It would be required that the speaker allocate some time during the visit for a “master class” in their area, for graduate students and/or faculty to attend.

CEAR Seminar Support renews annually at the beginning of each academic year.