CEAR Research Project Support - Workshops

Posted On May 9, 2013
CEAR is willing to provide support for workshops on specific risk-related topics. The general criteria for good workshop proposals are identical to those for CEAR Research Projects - General.

Workshops will typically involve inviting 5-10 scholars from outside GSU to attend the workshop. In appropriate cases, and on an ad hoc basis, a small honorarium can be provided to attract major scholars. Workshops usually run for two days, with lunch and snacks provided during the day. One formal dinner, primarily for conference presenters and select GSU researchers, will be held on the first night. Workshops will usually have a specific research focus, as illustrated by those listed at the CEAR web site. But it is also acceptable if they have a broader research focus (e.g., getting researchers in some risk-related area together) or a pedagogic or policy focus. It is also appropriate if time at the workshop is used in the design of a research project, or the definition of important research questions.

Workshops can also be planned for several years in a row. This allows a network of researchers to develop in a longitudinal manner, and for the development of a consensus in these areas. Organizers will be expected to work closely with the CEAR office to ensure reasonable access to the workshop from all CEAR-affiliated researchers: these cannot be “closed workshops” for the benefit of one department only. Under special circumstances, such as a workshop focused on some sensitive policy or litigation issue, access may be limited at the discretion of the CEAR Director.

Funding for workshops is usually budgeted at $20,000 per workshop. Smaller or larger budgets are appropriate, and cheaper workshops, ceteris paribus, will be more likely to be funded.

Applications for workshop support can be sent to [email protected]