CEAR Research Project Support – Small-Scale Projects

Small-scale projects should be for budgets up to $5,000. This support is open to faculty and graduate students in the each of the constituent departments of CEAR (Accounting, Economics, Finance, and RMI) and researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The topic should clearly be risk-related, and should not be for generic research support that is the responsibility of the department or college, such as computers or basic software. Support could cover things such as the purchase of data, subject fees or other costs for experiments, short trips to work with a co-author, or the purchase of specialized software; this list is not exhaustive. The intent is not to fund salary support or RA support.

Application is by way of a short proposal (2 to 4 pages), explaining the project, why it is risk-related, and a basic budget justification. Graduate students should have their faculty advisers submit proposals. Final approval for small-scale projects will be by the CEAR Director.

Applications for this support can be sent to [email protected].