CEAR Research Project Support – General

Posted On May 8, 2013
Categories CEAR Fellows, Support
CEAR accepts general proposals from CEAR Fellows and Program Directors external to Georgia State University to provide support for:

as budget allows. The specifics about the dollar amounts and the purpose of each can be found by clicking on the linked content above. However, the general criteria for good proposals from CEAR Fellows and Program Directors is that they be consistent with the mission of CEAR. We will be looking for proposals that address the following where applicable:

  • a compelling academic risk-related research question;
  • the possibility of results that can be driven into policy;
  • the potential to foster a unified view of the domain of risk research;
  • the number of GSU researchers involved in the project;
  • the number of CEAR partners (i.e., departments and external partner organizations) represented in the proposal;
  • the number of GSU PhD students proposed to be involved in the project;
  • and, where the partner department/organization is also contributing funds/resources to the project.

Proposals will be viewed more favorably when they involve GSU faculty and/or PhD students. There are trade-offs here, so we do not expect every proposal to tick every box in these criteria.

Proposals for CEAR Research Project Support will be invited annually early in the Fall semester of each academic year with announcements of accepted proposals made by December 1st. CEAR will also consider project proposals on a rolling admission basis although funding for those made outside the formal review process will invariably be more limited.

Final approval for workshops and small-scale projects will be by the CEAR Director. The CEAR Director in consultation with the CEAR Advisory Board will make final approval for large-scale projects.

Applications for this support can be sent to [email protected].