WP 2022

WP 2022-04 Father of the Bride, or Steel Magnolias? Targeting men, women or both to reduce child marriage.

Posted On November 28, 2022
Categories Working Papers, WP 2022

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AUTHORS: Rachel Cassidy, Anaya Dam, Wendy Janssens, Umair Kiani, and Karlijn Morsink

ABSTRACT: Interventions that aim to change outcomes for women and children typically target women. Yet in contexts where men are the dominant decision-makers, male references and beliefs may remain the binding constraint. We ask – when we target… more »

WP 2022-03 Recovering Subjective Probability Distributions: A Bayesian Approach

Posted On September 15, 2022
Categories Working Papers, WP 2022

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AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison, Brian Monroe, and Eric R. Ulm

ABSTRACT: An individual reports subjective beliefs over continuous events using a proper scoring rule, such as the Quadratic Scoring Rule. Under mild additional assumption, it is known that these reports reflect latent subjective beliefs if the individual is risk neutral.… more »

WP 2022-02 The Welfare Consequences of Processing Compound Risk

Posted On September 13, 2022
Categories Working Papers, WP 2022

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AUTHORS: Glenn Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa, Karlijn Morsink, Jia Min Ng, and Todd Swarthout

ABSTRACT: For consumers to make efficient financial decisions, the mapping of beliefs about probabilities of states of the world with potential outcomes is an important cognitive process. Many financial decisions, as a part of this mapping, require… more »

WP 2022-01 Real Choices and Hypothetical Choices

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Forthcoming, Handbook of Choice Modeling

AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison

ABSTRACT: There is evidence that behavior changes when individuals make choices over hypothetical scenarios and stakes rather than real scenarios and stakes. What is the nature of this evidence, and how significant is it for different types of inferences? In particular,… more »