WP 2021

WP 2021-06 Willingness to pay for private and public improvements of vulnerable road users’ safety

Posted On July 9, 2021
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AUTHORS: Linda Andersson Järnberg, Daniela Andrén, Lars Hultkrantz, E. Elisabet Rutström and Elin Vimefall

ABSTRACT: A frequent finding in the empirical literature on cost-benefit analysis of traffic safety measures is that valuations of public goods are lower than valuations of private goods, contrary to theory predictions. This study elicits the willingness… more »

WP 2021-04 Neo-Samuelsonian Methodology, Normative Economics, and the Quantitative Intentional Stance

Posted On June 14, 2021
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ABSTRACT: Wade Hands (2013) critically consolidated a new and growing approach to revealed preference interpretations and methods, which he called “Contemporary Revealed Preference Theory” (CRPT). He recognised that CRPT is folded into a more comprehensive philosophy of economics due to Don Ross, which Ross dubs “Neo-Samuelsonian Philosophy of… more »

WP 2021-03 Crowded Out: Heterogeneity in Risk Attitudes Among Poor Households in the US

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Forthcoming, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

AUTHORS: Arianna Galliera and E. Elisabet Rutström

ABSTRACT: Not much is known about the heterogeneity of risk attitudes among poor households in rich countries. This paper provides estimates from a unique data set collected among the urban poor in Atlanta,… more »

WP 2021-02 Give Me a Challenge or Give Me a Raise

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Published in 2021 in Experimental Economics.

AUTHORS: Aleksandr Alekseev

ABSTRACT: I study the effect of task difficulty on workers’ effort. I find that task difficulty has an inverse-U effect on effort and that this effect is quantitatively large, especially when compared to the effect of conditional monetary rewards. Difficulty acts as… more »