WP 2018

WP 2018-06 Eye-Tracking and Economic Theories of Choice Under Risk

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Forthcoming – Journal of the Economic Science Association

ABSTRACT: We examine the ability of eye movement data to help understand the determinants of decision making over risky prospects. We start with structural models of choice under risk, and use that structure to inform what we identify from the use of… more »

WP 2018-05 Nothing Left to Lose: Risk Attitudes Among Vulnerable Households

*Note that this is an older version of this paper. There have been considerable changes since this version, and we have posted the new version as WP 2019_06 “Grabbing the Opportunity”: Risk Attitudes Among Poor Households in the US.

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ABSTRACT:… more »

WP 2018-04 Do People Bundle Sequences of Choices? An Experimental Investigation

Posted On July 16, 2018
Categories Working Papers, WP 2018

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ABSTRACT: Economists and psychologists have sought to model and explain both impulsive behavior and the costly but often successful mechanisms by which people control it. Ainslie [1975][1992][2001] suggests that self-control is often achieved on account of a phenomenon he calls “choice bundling.” This refers to re-framing of series of discrete… more »

WP 2018-02 Reinsurance Versus Securitization of Catastrophe Risk

Posted On March 27, 2018
Categories Working Papers, WP 2018

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ABSTRACT: We provide a novel explanation for the low volume of securitization in catastrophe risk transfer using a signaling model. Relative to securitization, reinsurance features lower adverse selection costs because reinsurers possess superior underwriting resources than ordinary capital market investors. Reinsurance premia, however, reflect markups over actuarially fair premia due to the… more »