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WP 2017-06 Behavioral Responses to Surveys About Nicotine Dependence

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Published in 2017 in Health Economics, Volume 26, Issue S3.

AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison

ABSTRACT: Behavioral responses to surveys can significantly affect inferences about population prevalence unless correctly modeled statistically. An important case study is the prevalence of nicotine dependence, a formal psychiatric disorder satisfying clinical criteria. Data from the National… more »

WP 2017-05 Experimental Methods and Behavioral Insights in Health Economics: Estimating Risk and Time Preferences in Health

Posted On June 21, 2017
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AUTHORS: Matteo M. Galizzi, Glenn W. Harrison, Marisa Miraldo

ABSTRACT: The use of behavioral insights and experimental methods has recently gained momentum among health policy-makers. There is a tendency, however, to reduce behavioral insights applications in health to "nudges," and to reduce experiments in health to "randomized controlled trials" (RCTs). We… more »

WP 2017-04 The Methodologies of Behavioral Econometrics

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Published in Contemporary Philosophy and Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, edited by Michiru Nagatsu, and Attilia Ruzzene, London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2019.

AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison

ABSTRACT: Behavioral econometrics is one part of a methodological trinity that includes theory, data collection and econometrics. Sometimes, on a good methodological day, there are… more »

WP 2017-03 Welfare Effects of Insurance Contract Non-Performance

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AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison and Jia Min Ng

ABSTRACT: Non-performance lies at the heart of much of the regulation that insurance companies face. Consumers’ concerns about non-performance of the insurance provider have also been cited as a possible explanation for low demand of microinsurance. We provide a… more »

WP 2017-02 Disordered Gambling Prevalence: Methodological Innovations in a General Danish Population Survey

*Note that this paper was previously listed as WP 2016-02 Gambling Problems in the General Danish Population: Survey Evidence, and then was inadvertently reposted as 2017-02. Both links should direct you to this page, and should there be any newer versions, we will update this page.

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Published in 2018 in Journal… more »

WP 2017-01 The Empirical Adequacy of Cumulative Prospect Theory and its Implications for Normative Assessment

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Published in 2017 in Journal of Economic Methodology, Volume 24, Number 2.

AUTHORS: Glenn W. Harrison and Don Ross

ABSTRACT: Much behavioral welfare economics assumes that expected utility theory (EUT) does not accurately describe most human choice under risk. A substantial literature instead evaluates welfare consequences by taking cumulative prospect theory… more »