Booking CEAR Rooms

Posted On January 22, 2015
Categories General, Support

CEAR has a Seminar Room, a Collaboration Room, and the Ken Black Executive Board Room which can be booked for use. There are some restrictions on who may book these rooms, and for what purpose; that documentation can be viewed under the FAQs below. All requests for CEAR Room reservations should be made through the… more »

CEAR Fellows - Who We Are

Posted On May 9, 2013
Categories CEAR Fellows, Support

CEAR Fellows are researchers that have an affiliation with CEAR. They will be a mixture of GSU and non-GSU researchers. The primary function of CEAR Fellows is participation in the CEAR Workshop Series, in person and virtually. CEAR will fund travel expenses for Fellows to attend up to one or two CEAR… more »

Graduate Student Travel Support

CEAR is willing to provide travel support on an ad-hoc basis for graduate students to attend academic conferences to present a paper. This support is only for graduate students in each of the constituent departments of CEAR (Accounting, Economics, Finance, and RMI). It is recognized that such presentations will often fall outside of the normal… more »

Annual CEAR Conference

Posted On May 8, 2013

Starting FY12 there will be an Annual CEAR Conference in Atlanta each year, with responsibility for organization resting primarily with the constituent departments of CEAR (Accounting, Economics, Finance, and RMI) or CEAR-associated researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Responsibility will rotate annually from department to department, to be decided by the CEAR Advisory… more »