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WP 2019-06 "Grabbing the Opportunity": Risk Attitudes Among Poor Households in the US

*Note that this is an older version of this paper. There have been considerable changes since this version, and we have posted the new version as WP 2021-03 Crowded Out: Heterogeneity in Risk Attitudes Among Poor Households in the US.

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AUTHORS: Arianna… more »

Portfolios of the Atlanta Poor

Posted On December 1, 2014

The vision of the Portfolios of the Atlanta Poor (PAP) project is to improve the understanding of the risks and uncertainties facing poor and low-income households in Atlanta, with the goal of identifying institutional changes and new products and services that would increase the efficiency by which members of these households can fulfill their aspirations… more »

Elicitation of Subjective Risk Perceptions

Posted On May 9, 2013

Before risk can be managed it has to be defined. And most of the risks that individuals, households, corporations and societies deal with involve subjective risks. This might seem counter-intuitive in some classical fields of financial risk management, but even actuaries rely on subjective judgments about future trends. And before we can evaluate if someone… more »


Posted On March 1, 2013

Microinsurance products are essentially specialized insurance contracts designed for the poor, particularly the poor in developing countries. These contracts need to recognize the difficulties of defining and measuring risks in this context, the variety of risks faced on a daily basis, problems collecting premia, and the lack of trust in institutions. Since an insurance contract… more »