CEAR Workshops

6th Workshop in Behavioral and Experimental Health Economics

Posted On June 7, 2018

The 6th Workshop in Behavioral and Experimental Health Economics is hosted by the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, University of Oslo. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers who apply behavioral economics and experimental methods to topics in health economics, policy, and management, in order to present and discuss their papers and ideas.… more »

CEAR/MRIC Behavioral Insurance Workshop 2018

Posted On June 7, 2018

The CEAR/MRIC Behavioral Insurance Workshop invites researchers to submit papers that offer new experimental, econometric or theoretical insights into human behavior in the insurance context. Submissions should have an insurance and/or decision under risk and uncertainty background and establish a link to non-traditional demand or supply theories.

Behavioral economics and behavioral finance typically incorporate cognitive… more »

14th International Microinsurance Conference 2018

Posted On June 7, 2018

CEAR is excited to co-sponsor this year’s 14th International Microinsurance Conference 2018. The conference will be hosted by the Microinsurance Technical Advisory Group of Zambia (TAG) and the Munich Re Foundation in cooperation with the MiN. CEAR is facilitating the Academic Track of the conference as well as hosting the Pre-conference Seminar on recent developments… more »

CEAR Academic Pre-Conference in Microinsurance 2018

Posted On June 7, 2018


General Details and Main Conference Overview

The Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) is organizing an academic pre-conference in conjunction with the 14th International Microinsurance Conference. The pre-conference attracts researchers to present major findings and participate in panels on recent developments in research methods to understand risk management choices of the… more »

Estimated Risk Preferences: Power and Normative Considerations

Posted On March 27, 2018


There has been considerable progress in recent years in the development of experimental and econometric tools to allow structural estimation of risk preferences. Different models of decision-making involving risk are allowed for, and batteries of lotteries have been developed to better identify specific aspects of those models (e.g., probability weighting, loss aversion, violations of… more »

2nd Behavioral and Experimental Public Choice Workshop

Posted On March 1, 2018



The Laboratory for Experimental Anthropology at Lille Catholic University in collaboration the Center for Economic Analysis of Risk at Georgia State University, will host the 2nd Behavioral and Experimental Public Choice Workshop on May 28—29, 2018 in Lille, France.

The objective of the workshop is to gather researchers across disciplines to discuss… more »

Sports Betting Workshop 2018

Posted On February 8, 2018


General Information

Betting on sports is an enormously popular activity, which earns significant revenues, enhances many fans’ sense of emotional involvement with sports, and, on the downside, causes substantial welfare loss to people who gamble recklessly or addictively. For the economist interested in people’s preferences over risk, and the interaction of these preferences… more »