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Descriptions of Presentations: CEAR-Huebner SRI 2018

Posted On July 27, 2018
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Glenn Harrison

Evaluating the Welfare of Index Insurance, joint with (Glenn W. Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa, Jia Min Ng and J. Todd Swarthout).

Index insurance was conceived to be a product that would simplify the claim settlement process and make it more objective, reducing transaction costs and moral hazard. However, index insurance also exposes the insured… more »

CEAR Conference: Conditional Games - Background Papers and Presentations

Background Papers Wynn Stirling - Theory of Coordinated Agency Wynn Stirling - Conditional Coordination Games and Team Reasoning Wynn Stirling & Teppo Felin - Game Theory, Conditional Preferences, and Social Influence Wynn Stirling & Luca Tummolini - A theory of collaborative interaction: From interactive to coordinated decision-making in conditional games more »

Background Papers - Corporate Control Mechanisms and Risk

Posted On April 4, 2014
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Symposium papers -

Creditor Interventions and Firm Innovation: Evidence from Debt Covenant Violations Authors: Yuqi Gu, Pennsylvania State University; Connie Mao, Temple University; Xuan Tian, Indiana University

Organization Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions Authors: Kai Li, University of British Columbia; Buhui Qiu, Erasmus University; Rui Shen, Nanyang Technological

The Dark Side… more »