Background Papers – Conference on Risk and Risky Behaviors

Posted On May 26, 2017
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Marco Castillo Texas A&M University Children's rationality, risk attitudes and misbehavior
Gregory DeAngelo West Virginia University The Effect of Online Erotic Services Advertising on Prostitution Markets, Pricing, and Murder
Glenn Harrison CEAR and Georgia State University Psychiatric Measures of Gambling Problems in the General Population: A Reconsideration
Jan Jozwik Oxford University Behavioural Factors and Technology Adoption Decisions under Basis Risk
Dave Marcotte American University Sexual Violence, Title IX and Women’s College Enrollment
Anton Nilsson Lund University Minimum Legal Drinking, Injury, Harm, and Human Capital Formation: Evidence from Denmark
Christian Posso Banco de la República Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Youth in Colombia: An Assessment of Its Long Term Effects on Crime
Don Ross University College Cork / University of Cape Town Disordered Gambling Prevalence: Methodological Innovations in a General Danish Population Survey
Kevin Schnepel University of Sydney Hanging Out with the Usual Suspects: Peer Effects and Recidivism
Oded Stark University of Bonn How concern about having low relative wealth modulates risk-taking behavior
Wynn Stirling Brigham Young University Modeling Expected Utility on Stochastic Networks
Jenny Williams University of Melbourne Early Cannabis Use and School to Work Transition of Young Men
Hong Il Yoo Durham University Risk Attitudes, Sample Selection and Attrition in a Longitudinal Field Experiment
First Last Organization Paper / Presentation Title File upload
Displaying 1 - 13 of 13