Annual CEAR Conference

Posted On May 8, 2013
Starting FY12 there will be an Annual CEAR Conference in Atlanta each year, with responsibility for organization resting primarily with the constituent departments of CEAR (Accounting, Economics, Finance, and RMI) or CEAR-associated researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Responsibility will rotate annually from department to department, to be decided by the CEAR Advisory Board. Funding will be in the region of $20,000, and subject to the usual restrictions as discussed in the guidelines for CEAR Workshops. The intention is to allow each department to have a conference that is more centered on just their area of research, although obviously the papers and presentations have to be risk-related.

These conferences differ from CEAR Workshops, for which there is separate funding, in the sense that they can be more narrowly focused on the academic discipline: CEAR Workshops are intended to be topic-oriented, and to span more than one discipline. In some cases this may be a “distinction without a difference,” in which case proposals should be submitted as CEAR Workshops.