WS 2016

Apr 29 – Apr 30 all-day GSU Buckhead Center
Program  This conference brings together a group of researchers who are interested in and/or actively working on frontier research questions in corporate finance and asset management. The conference program consists of both theoretical and empirical… more »
Jun 24 – Jun 25 all-day Durham University Business School
The Behavioural and Experimental Northeast Cluster (BENC) and the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) are sponsoring a workshop on, “Recent advances in modelling decision making under risk and uncertainty” at the Durham… more »
Jul 20 @ 12:00 pm – Jul 22 @ 2:15 pm CEAR
Download Program  CEAR/Huebner Summer Risk Institute aims to expose Ph.D. students and faculty interested in risk and uncertainty to relevant cutting-edge models, tools, and theory. The targeted audience includes faculty and Ph.D. students interested in… more »
Jul 24 @ 5:00 pm – Jul 27 @ 1:45 pm Georgia State University (multiple buildings)
About the Conference The Department of Risk Management and Insurance of the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University is pleased to host IME 2016. IME 2016 is the twentieth international congress… more »
Sep 8 – Sep 9 all-day CEAR
Download Program  General Information Almost a billion people suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition, and global food production will need to be doubled by 2050 to meet global demand. Achieving this goal requires the creation… more »
Sep 19 – Sep 20 all-day Villino Volterra
Program  | Background Papers & Presentations  General Information Wynn Stirling has developed a theory of “conditional games” that represents, within the standard axiomatic and solution concept space of standard non-cooperative game theory, effects of social influence… more »
Sep 22 – Sep 23 all-day Villa Doria d'Angri
Program  General Information This workshop brings together researchers interested in the characterization, measurement and application of risk literacy. Concepts of literacy vary across disciplines, and often refer to different things. One goal of the workshop… more »
Oct 10 – Oct 12 all-day Robinson College of Business
Download Program  General Information This workshop examines how risk preferences, time preferences and subjective beliefs can be elicited in the field, with special attention to applications in developing countries. Student participants will be provided with… more »
Nov 14 all-day Cinnamon Grand Hotel
Download Program  Details The Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) is organizing an academic preconference to the 12th International Microinsurance Conference. The pre-conference will attract researchers to present major findings and participate in… more »
Nov 15 – Nov 17 all-day Cinnamon Grand Hotel
CEAR is excited to co-sponsor this year’s 12th International Microinsurance Conference 2016 hosted by Munich Re Foundation. CEAR is facilitating the Academic Track of the conference as well as hosting the Pre-conference Seminar on recent… more »
Dec 1 – Dec 2 all-day Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Download Program Details The Center for Financial Innovation and Stability (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) and the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (Georgia State University) are organizing the conference “The Impact of Extraordinary… more »
Dec 8 – Dec 9 all-day University of Cologne
Preliminary Program  Following the success of the previous workshops in Oslo, Hamilton, and Essen, we are pleased to host the fourth Workshop in Behavioral and Experimental Health Economics in Cologne. The workshop brings together economists… more »
Dec 12 – Dec 13 all-day Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
The CEAR/MRIC Behavioral Insurance Workshop invites researchers to submit papers that offer new experimental, econometric or theoretical insights into human behavior in the insurance context. Submissions should have an insurance and/or decision under risk and… more »