WS 2012

Jan 23 – Jan 27 all-day Economics Building
Download call Deadline for applications is 15 July 2011 Among the most important variables affecting outcomes in microeconomic development initiatives among vulnerable groups are attitudes to risk and attitudes to the cost of waiting. The… more »
Feb 10 – Feb 11 all-day Georgia State University
Download Program Risk management refers to all of the tools that decision‐makers have to adjust to risk. It includes obvious tools such as portfolio management, financial derivatives and the purchase of insurance. But it also… more »
Apr 2 – Apr 3 all-day CEAR
Download Program Gambling behavior reflects a wide range of attitudes towards risk, and perceptions of risk. It fundamentally challenges the methodologies of several traditional academic disciplines, particularly in the form of what is variously called… more »
Apr 6 – Apr 7 all-day Aderhold Learning Center Room 24
Download Program Motivation: There is a popular belief that the recent financial crisis was caused by corporate decision-makers whose incentive schemes were such that taking risky actions benefited them personally and harmed their organizations and… more »
Jun 30 – Jul 4 all-day Georgia State University
The Scientific Committee of FUR and the Local Organizing Committee from ExCEN and CEAR are delighted to announce that the FUR XV International Conference on the Foundations and Applications of Utility, Risk and Decision Theory… more »
Sep 20 – Sep 22 all-day Georgia State University
Download Program The theoretical and empirical characterization of ambiguity has advanced in recent decades, aided by rich specifications of models of ambiguity aversion and tighter experimental evidence. This workshop brings together theorists and experimenters to… more »
Nov 6 – Nov 9 all-day Blue Pearl Hotel
The event, which took place in Africa for the third time, brought together a record number of 590 participants from around 60 countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities in microinsurance. The conference was hosted… more »
Nov 29 – Nov 30 all-day Georgia State University
Download Program The Center for Economic Analysis of Risk, in partnership with the Dean’s Behavioral Economics Lab, the Department of Risk Management and Insurance, and the Economics Department at Georgia State University, is launching the… more »
Nov 30 – Dec 1 all-day Georgia State University
Download Program How is the modeling and measurement of risk changed when we consider the household as the unit of analysis instead of the individual? Recent theoretical developments have offered several competing models of household… more »