Workshop Reimbursement Process

Expenses that CEAR can reimburse vary by the support that is agreed to in writing, but normally consist of:

  • Roundtrip economy airfare from your home airport to/from Atlanta. The Board of Regents of the State of Georgia do not reimburse for First Class Travel in any circumstance, and Business unless medically necessary and prearranged; documentation from your doctor is required and approval is needed in advance.
  • Costs associated with getting to/from the workshop: public transport, taxi, parking receipts, and the like. You will have to submit original receipts, so please retain them.
  • Hotels are usually directly paid for by CEAR
  • No food, per diems, or incidentals will be reimbursed

The above account is informational only to highlight a typical workshop reimbursement. Your exact arrangement and agreement of the items to be reimbursed will be included with the invitation email that was originally sent to you.

Steps to Receive Reimbursement:

  1. Become a vendor of Georgia State University by categorizing yourself below and fill out the corresponding paperwork :
    •  ____  I am a citizen of the U.S, or other U.S. person (including resident alien) who files a tax return in the United States
    • ____ I am a foreign person who is a non-resident for US Tax purposes
      • Fill out the FW8BEN – only Part I and Part IV are necessary, and phone and email at the top of the form.
  2. Fill out the orange highlighted portions of the Payment Request Form – remember to sign it.
  3. Gather all your original receipts that you are requesting reimbursement for. Make sure to include proof of payment, this can include a bank statement, credit card transaction showing paid with Visa******1234 $xxx.xx, or the like. Include a top sheet showing the total amount requested.
  4. If you would prefer your reimbursement to be made via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please complete the EFT Information Form  *note that this require a copy/scan of a voided check.
  5. It is advised to make a copy of all your paperwork thus far and then send a scanned copy of your request to If you would prefer to send your forms and receipts through the mail, please send the originals from steps 1 through 4 to:

    Attn: CEAR Travel Reimbursement

    PO Box 4036

    Atlanta, GA 30302-4036

  1. After CEAR receives the reimbursement request with all the correct forms listed above; please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Other notes for International Guests: The default option for payment is to issue a paper check drawn on a US bank and mailed to the address you provide on the form listed in step 1 above. For our international guests needing a wire transfer to your non-US bank account directly, you need to provide GSU the following information:

Bank Name:__________________________________________________

Bank Address:__________________________________________________

Bank Account Number:__________________________________________________

Bank ABA or Swift Code Routing Number:__________________________________________________

For convenience, you can fill out the Wire Transfer Info Form .

Your wire information can be 1) mailed in, 2) sent via fax: +1(404) 413-7516, or 3) emailed to